Even if just for a moment.

A good friend of mine was sitting on the couch in his living room. There were a few people over at his house for a little get-together. It wasn’t much of a party, just a few friends and family mingling, talking, and listening to music.

He sat there on his couch watching his little two and half year old son zig-zag through the guests with what seemed like an infinite amount of energy and spunk. 

There were a few people over in the corner talking and his son went over to check them out. The boy noticed one of them was holding a guitar. He stared at it, and then looked up at the man. He smiled and began strumming his own imaginary guitar. Those huddled in the corner laughed and told him to, “rock on!” 

The boy seemed satisfied as he turned and ran away. His father, watching the entire interaction from the couch, tried to get his son’s attention but the boy ran over to the opposite side of the room. 

There he found a few of the guests huddled around a table of refreshments. The boy raised up on his tip-toes while clutching the edge of the table. His eyes were on level with the plate of cookies perfectly within reach. His father looked on from a distance wondering if his son would reach up and grab one. Sure enough, his little arm stretched out and snatched one. 

The boy shoved the whole cookie in his mouth, wasting no time with bites. 

My friend sat silently watching his son but desperately wanted him to come sit on his lap. He wanted to hold him and ask him how the cookie tasted, but his son was distracted and didn’t notice his father. He quickly ran out of the living room and out of sight. 

It didn’t take long before he bolted back into the room. Now, however, he was holding his Superman action figure and flying him around the room making the flying noises that all little boys make when they are two years old.

My friend called out to his son but he didn’t hear him.

He called out again.

But his son wasn’t listening.

His son didn’t even know he was there, sitting and watching his every move.

My friend smiled at his son. A great joy welled up within him. If only he would come over here and let me hug him. If only he would slow down and let me hold him for just a second. If only. 

And it was at that very moment my friend realized he was no different from his little boy. He too had been distracted and preoccupied by others and interested in anything and everything but stopping to sit and be held by his Father. 

God had been watching him too.

Calling out to him.

Finding great joy in His son.

Watching his every move.

But desperately wanting him to come and sit with Him.

Even if just for a moment.


What are you distracted with today that is keeping you from spending time with God, or realizing that he is right there with you, watching you, and finding great joy in you?  




  1. says

    I’ve been challenged lately that my life is too busy. It’s all good stuff that is taking up my time – ministry and work and freelance graphic design (trying to make enough to live on), but it’s all time consuming, and affecting my time with Him.

    I’m working on finding others to bring alongside me in this ministry journey and delegating more to see myself freed up, and others being used to impact a generation for Him.

    • Ryan Tate says

      Hey, I’m with you man. And thank you for your boldness in sharing. I fill my time with things that consume me when I need to be consumed by Him… I think a lot of it is fueled by the crazy idea that God isn’t in my work, or my activities, or my schedule. And that is a lie.

  2. says

    Timely post, Ryan. I was just talking with someone about how during the work involved in planning for Holy Week services, I’ve dropped the ball at preparing myself. I see this a lot in ministry- being so distracted by “the work” I miss the whole point. Thanks for the reminder, man.

    • Ryan Tate says

      Great comment, Stephen! We are starting a new series here at my church called, “Holy Distracted.” What if instead of being distracted by the world all the time we were in the world and distracted by our Holy God in all that we do. I’m praying for major collisions to happen both in my life and in my community.

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