Free eBook: Just a Little Bit More

How much money is enough?

How much power is enough?

How much sex, happiness, peace, coffee, sleep, ______, is enough?

Have you ever asked yourself, “How much of God is enough?”

Most Christians are content not asking that question. What matters most to us is limiting God to a manageable, measurable amount so that we can remain in control of our lives. We treat God this way but relate to everything else in our lives like raving consumers. We want more money, more power, more free-time, more sleep, more sex, more M&M’s, more of everything, except God.

What if our consumer tendencies are a result of something good that went terribly wrong when sin and chaos entered the world?

What if God desperately wants us to realize we need more and more and more of Him?

I wrote a 25-page ebook that discusses our problem with consumerism and how it ironically might just be the answer to our problems with relating to God. And this ebook is available for FREE!


How to get the Free eBook:

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I’ve been working hard and excitement has been building up to this day. After you download and read the free eBook, Just a Little Bit More, I encourage you to share your thoughts, discuss the content, or leave feedback. 

If you like the eBook, or it impacted you in some way, I’d love to hear about it. Also, I want to encourage you to share it with others!



  1. says

    Ryan, I just finished reading this and it is very excellently constructed and superbly well-written. Great job! I wanted to pull out so much from this. There will definitely be more than just one read through.

    • Ryan Tate says

      Thank you, Thomas! I’ve been blessed by your consistent encrouagement lately. I had a lot of help and support on this project over a long period of time and all of us are giving God all the glory.

    • Ryan Tate says

      Thanks for stopping by and grabbing a copy. I hope God speaks to you through it…and that it has nothing to do with me.


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