My Influence Map

The stories in your life are stories about where you come from, where you are going, and who you are. The experiences, places, and people we encounter fill up the pages of our lives. They are the things that influence us, giving us inspiration and creating passion. They are the people who lead us—sometimes not where we want to go—and help us form our identity. Jesus said (and displayed) that maturity means a growing willingness to be led—even to places we might not eagerly choose.

Some people write their story out, but you could also show it in pictures. Below is my influence map. It is a graphical representation of 23 influences that have helped me write my stories and fill my pages. A good friend of mine sent me this idea and I thought it would be a fantastic exercise. You can download a blank influence map template to do your own, make your own from scratch, or see examples from other artists and creatives.

Click on the image for a larger view

What are the influences in your life?


    • Ryan Tate says

      So true. Our past influences set us on a trajectory for the furture. Thanks Samantha, appreciate the comment!

    • Ryan Tate says

      Haha! AWANA gets an honorable mention for sure! Those were such formative years and full of so many good memories! Thanks for stopping by Mr. Davis and for downloading the ebook!

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