How Not to Give Up

I've pondered quitting more times than I can count. I'm not cut out for this. I'm not qualified for it. I have more questions than answers. Is there fruit? Am I making an impact? Are things on the move? Quitting seems easy and my discouraged … [Read more]

What is Your Power-Play Move?

When Jesus decides to show the full extent of his love and power, what do you think he does? When the Son of God, the one who holds all things together; the one who has full power and dominion over heaven and earth; the one who put the stars in … [Read more]

It’s Your Move.

We're all looking for something, longing for it, yearning for it. We reorder and rearrange our lives trying to find what it is. We keep our lives in a somewhat respectable manner, but underneath the surface we're all missing something. The one … [Read more]